Sunscreen for your turf? Makes all the sense when you think about it!

turfscreen_logoWe typically think of turf inputs such as fertilizers,  fungicides, insecticides, growth regulators, etc. but a new category to consider for high maintenance areas is actually “sunscreen”. Yes, “sunscreen” for your turf!  Ideal for use on greens during the dog days of summer, the unique and novel chemistry in Turf Screen with ESP (Enhanced Solar Protection) blocks up to 76% of harmful UVB rays. The all-natural active ingredients – titanium dioxide and zinc oxide – reflect, scatter and absorb both UVA and UVB rays. Turf Screen is completely safe for your turf and the environment. Independent testing shows Turf Screen effectively improves turf quality.

Think of Turf Screen with ESP as a “stress management tool” to help you through periods of drought, a stressful summer – especially helpful for areas or times when you are unable to irrigate enough. Turf Screen with ESP is a liquid product that contains natural ingredients, with a green pigment to give an aesthetically pleasing look when sprayed. It can be applied weekly or bi-weekly to any turf that that wilts, requires frequent irrigation, or hand watering. Turf Screen with ESP has a high refractive index and works by reducing the amount of UVB radiation hitting the leaf surface. The result is less wilt, less heat stress, and reduced water usage. The benefit is improved turf quality, improved turf density, less time hand watering, and labor savings.

Turf Screen

It may sound funny at first – but it works. Try it and see for yourself! For more information including label and MSDS, click here.


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