Lawn Care

Lawn Care
Strong, healthy, durable turf and ornamentals come from using quality products.  Advanced Turf Solutions has the tools you need to be better than the competition, or have the best lawn in the neighborhood.

Grass Seed

Quality Seed from Barenbrug USA and Mountain View

If you want great grass, start with great seed!  Advanced Turf Solutions stocks only the highest quality seed available – research proven, highly ranked varieties that perform in our tough climate. For more information on all our turfgrass seed blends, visit our products page by clicking here.


RTF (Rhizomatous Tall Fescue)

is a premium “tillering” type Tall Fescue that stands up to tough Midwest Summers unlike any other Fescue blend. HGT is similar acting Kentucky Bluegrass. Both contain varieties so different than any other, they are patented.

TF Pro (3-Way Tall Fescue Blend)

A premier blend of dwarf turf-type tall fescue varieties that produce a dense, attractive turf under a broad range of applications and fertility levels.  The genetic diversity of TF Pro contributes to a higher level of disease and insect resistance. LS Technology aggressively establish, spread, and fill in, creating a turf of higher density particularly under stresses, and SLS technology adds salt tolerance unmatched by other blends available today. Higher quality varieties that perform better than competitive blends.


PennMulch Seed Accelerator

helps get seed established and growing by providing nutrition and conserving moisture. Keeping new seed moist is critical to germination. PennMulch reduces the frequency of watering required and makes growing new seed in much easier. PennMulch increases turf density and minimizes weed outbreaks.

img_home_beforeBefore seeding Barenbrug RTF / HGT – Fall 2011 img_home_afterFive weeks after seeding Barenbrug RTF / HGT
                                                                     Photos above taken by homeowner Chad Follis near Farmington, MO.                                                                                                                          For a detailed account of how Chad renovated his lawn, click here: Home Lawn Renovation 

Organic Fertility Products

Take your lawn to a whole new level, and be good to the planet in the process – GO ORGANIC! Traditional fertilizers have their place, but the hidden truth is that they are actually detrimental to the soil, and over time, your lawn. Traditional fertilizers contain salts that dehydrate and damage soils, and do nothing to improve soil structure or nurture soil biology.

Bioflora 8-3-6 Organic Crumbles

Bioflora Organic Crumbles is quite simply – the best fertilizer available, anywhere! A 100% OMRI listed organic product, Bioflora Crumbles are loaded with a balanced blend of not only N-P-K nutrients, but also high levels of Calcium along with minor and trace minerals. Bioflora Crumbles are manufactured using high quality organic materials including feather meal, aquatic plant meal, composted poultry, organic acids and biowaters. The nutrition in Bioflora Crumbles is slow-release, carbon-based granules which feed plants and the soil microbial ecosystem that supports them. Bioflora Crumbles may yield as much as three times their nutrient value when compared to traditional synthetic chemical fertilizers! For more information including product label and MSDS sheet, click here.


2-4-3 Organic Fertilizer

Healthy Grow 2-4-3 is derived from aerobically composted chicken manure – yep, chicken poop! Manufactured by one of the largest egg producers in the country, Healthy Grow 2-4-3 is fully composted and has no odor, no heavy metals or human bio solids. What it does have is a very high amount of Calcium along with it’s 2-4-3 analysis. 9% Calcium to be exact, which helps make your soil and plants stronger. For more information including product label and MSDS sheet, click here.

Traditional Synthetic Fertilizers


Synthetic Fertilizers and Combination Products

Advanced Turf Solutions carries a full line of traditional synthetic fertilizers along with herbicide / insecticide combination products. Below are just a few of the analyses we stock. For more information on all our traditional synthetic fertilizers including label and MSDS sheets, click here.

Straight Fertilizer

  • 16-28-12 w/ ZnB
  • 20-0-10 w/ MESA
  • 22-0-4 w/ ZnB
  • 22-3-11 w/ ZnB
  • 30-0-4 AM

Fertilizer + Weed Control

  • 5-0-20 w/ Barricade crabgrass preventer
  • 19-0-6 w/ Barricade crabgrass preventer
  • 17-0-4 w/ Dimension crabgrass preventer
  • 16-0-6 w/ Surge broadleaf weed post-emergent

Fertilizer + Insecticide

  • 7-0-0 with Merit
  • 15-0-5 with Acelepryn

Fungus Control

  • Pillar G

Spreaders / Sprayers

spyker 120

Andersons, Earthway & Spyker Spreaders

Fertilizer spreaders for every budget and use. For a complete listing of Advanced Turf Solutions fertilizer spreaders, click here.


 L.T. Rich Z-Spray and Z-Plug

Maximize your productivity and profitability with L.T. Rich Z-Spray spreader / sprayers and Z-Plug aerators.

For more information on the Z-Spray Intermediate Spreader / Sprayer, click here.

For more information on the Z-Spray Z-Max Spreader / Sprayer, click here.

For more information on the Z-Plug Aerator, click here.


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