Athletic Fields

Athletic Fields
Advanced Turf Solutions has everything you need to produce the finest playing surface possible. From fertilizer to seed to pesticides to infield conditioners and engineered soils, we have it all. Speak to your Advanced Turf Solutions Representative today for more information on how we can help make your job easier and your fields the best in town.

Baseball and Softball

DuraEdge Engineered Soil Infield Materials


Advanced Turf Solutions is proud to be the exclusive Missouri and Illinois distributor of DuraEdge  engineered soil infield materials. DuraEdge is the most exciting and innovative technology to come along for baseball and softball infields in many years. DuraEdge engineered soils are custom blended for your specific field needs based on its soil properties. Just some of the benefits of DuraEdge include:

  • Reduced rain delays and rainouts
  • Reduced wind erosion and loss of amendment materials
  • Reduced overall yearly maintenance requirements (costs)
  • More uniform appearance
  • More predictable playing surface with better, truer hops
  • Increased player safety
  • Increased cleat-in / cleat-out properties
  • Reduced clods and clumping

DuraEdge is now the infield of The St. Louis and Springfield Cardinals, Kansas City Royals, Chicago Cubs, Milwaukee Brewers, Missouri Tigers (baseball and softball,) and St. Louis University Billikens. Speak to your Advanced Turf Solutions representative to learn more about how DuraEdge can give you the same benefits!

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From Municipal Softball to NCAA to Major League Baseball, just some of the local fields that are realizing the amazing benefits of DuraEdge Engineered Soils.

MLB / Professional

  • Chicago Cubs – Wrigley Field
  • Kansas City Royals – Kaufmann Stadium
  • Milwaukee Breweres – Miller Park
  • Peoria Chiefs – O’Brien Field
  • River City Rascals – TR Hughes Ballpark
  • Springfield Cardinals – Hammons Field
  • St. Louis Cardinals – Busch Stadium



  • Danville Community College
  • Eastern Illinois University
  • Fontbonne University
  • Maryville University
  • Missouri Baptist University
  • Missouri State University
  • Olney Central Community College
  • Southern Illinois University – Edwardsville
  • Southeast Missouri State University
  • Southwest Baptist University
  • St. Charles Community College
  • St. Louis University
  • Truman State University
  • University of Missouri – Columbia
  • Webster University
  • Rend Lake Community College

High Schools

  • Ava High School (MO)
  • Camdenton High School
  • Civic Memorial High School (IL)
  • Clopton High School (IL)
  • East Alton / Wood River HS
  • Edwardsville High School
  • Effingham High School
  • Dupo High School
  • Francis Howell High School
  • Goreville High School (IL)
  • Granite City High School
  • Hallsville High School (MO)
  • Herculaneum High School
  • Highland (IL) High School
  • John F. Kennedy High School
  • Johnston City High School (IL)
  • Kirkwood High School
  • Matoon High School
  • Neosho High School (MO)
  • Parkway South High School
  • Principia High School (MO)
  • Shelbyville High School
  • Springfield (MO) Catholic HS
  • St. Joseph Academy (MO)
  • St. Pius X High School (MO)
  • Vianney High School
  • Wentzville High School
  • Wentzville Holt High School
  • Wentzville Liberty High School
  • Wentzville Timberland HS

Municipal Fields

  • Bloomington (IL) Pony League
  • Centralia (IL) Parks & Recreation
  • City of Cape Girardeau
  • City of Chesterfield
  • City of Columbia (MO)
  • City of Germantown (IL)
  • City of Marshall (MO)
  • City of Mattoon (IL)
  • City of New Minden (IL)
  • City of Olivette (MO)
  • City of St. Charles (MO) – Wappelhorst Park
  • City of Sunset Hills (MO)
  • City of Wentzville (MO) – Fireman’s Park
  • McLean County (IL) Pony League
  • Wood River Parks and Recreation

The Products


Engineered Soils in Bulk Delivery

DuraEdge Engineered Soil infield materials are delivered right to your field via end-dump trailer on a semi type truck.  Loads vary between 22-26 tons. Available products include DuraEdge Classic, Collegiate, Professional and Field Saver.


DuraEdge Super-Sacks

DuraEdge Engineered Soil infield materials are also available in 1-ton Super-Sacks. Perfect for touching up and in-season maintenance of DuraEdge fields. Super-Sacks are also great for small projects such as firming up base paths and batter’s box areas.


DuraPitch Mound Clay

DuraPitch mound clay is a premium, moisture-balanced blended clay that is uniform and easy to work with. Computer-controlled blending process provides uniformity unmatched by any other mound clay. Zero preparation required – just pour and pack!


DuraPitch Professional Mound Clay

Containing a higher clay content than standard mound clay, DuraPitch Professional Mound Clay is ideal for areas such as kick area of pitcher’s mound, bullpen, catcher and batter’s box. Higher clay content provides greater compaction than standard mound clay. Easily conforms to high-stress areas.

What some local field managers are saying about DuraEdge™ engineered soil infield materials

“The material has reduced our rain outs and puddles 100%. We are able to practice quicker following a rain event and the smoothness of the material helped us lead the league in fielding percentage in 2012 following installation. We would gladly do this over and we will be adding more material to our field this season to maintain a smooth playing surface!” Darin Hendrickson, Head Baseball Coach – St. Louis University

“Prior to having the Natural Sand products installed, our infield retained water for days after a rain event. Any precipitation over 1/4” could make the field unplayable for a couple days. Even after a minor precipitation, it would take a four-man crew multiple hours to prepare our field for a game. Since the DuraEdge was installed, we have not had any rainouts caused by the infield. We were able to prepare the field in a fraction of the time over what we used to, and with only one or two workers compared to four. This has saved the district labor hours and money for additional conditioners / drying agents required. It additionally provides a safer playing surface for our student athletes.” Jason Mueller, Grounds Manager – Kirkwood School District

“The DuraEdge material has greatly improved our field. The field is playable far more quickly after precipitation events. Wind erosion and rainouts have also been virtually eliminated since installation. The process to install our new field was very smooth and was done in a professional manner. Advanced Turf Solutions and our installer coordinated and worked together and made the entire process seem easy! As far as planning for the future with other fields on our campus, we will definitely be doing this again.” Gene Pyle, Head Lead – Grounds Department – Southeast Missouri State University

“The performance of our playing surface has improved greatly since we amended our field with DuraEdge during a field renovation project in which Advanced Turf Solutions helped us renovate both the skinned area as well as the grass portion of our infield. On the infield, we applied a mix of DuraEdge Classic and Professional, then topdressed it with Diamond Pro Red Infield Conditioner. The new infield has allowed us to not only practice on our field after heavy rain, but has cut down our rainouts throughout the season. The surface plays consistent and smooth and gives our players a chance to improve their skills on a daily basis. The playability of our field makes our facility one of the top ones in the metro-east. I was hesitant before the renovation about what it would really do, but now I am a big believer in the DuraEdge system.” John Moad, Head Baseball Coach – Granite City Baseball


 For more information on DuraEdge, check out

Infield Conditioners

ProSlide Classic Engineered Topdressing

ProSlide engineered topdressing is a professional grade expanded shale material that helps you make your infield play more games, play safer games, and be easier to maintain! ProSlide provides long-lasting vibrant color under both wet and dry conditions, and creates a more resilient sliding surface during the hot, dry months of the playing season. Available in 50 pound bags, 2000 lb super sacks or bulk delivery (24 tons).

Pro’s Choice MVP

Designed to meet the challenges of wet, dry or compacted infields, this durable granule helps create passageways for drainage and eliminate compaction for truer bounces and safer play. Available in 50 pound bags or bulk delivery (24 tons).

Rapid Dry

Stay in the game with Pro’s Choice Rapid Dry drying agent. These sand-like granules are designed to quickly wick away excess water from your infield, keeping your games playing safely and without delay. Available in 50 pound bags.

Athletic Field Marking Chalk

Economical, non-burning, non-toxic, and completely harmless to soil and turf – CalPro athletic field marking chalk is easy to apply and exceeds NCAA and professional standards. Available in 50 pound bags (56 bags per pallet)

All Athletic Fields

Grass Seed


Quality Seed from Barenbrug USA

If you want great grass, start with great seed! Barenbrug USA is one of the largest seed producers in the world and has varieties unrivaled by any other. Speak to your Advanced Turf Solutions representative for more information on seed from Barenbrug USA.


Turf Blue with HGT (Healthy Grass Technology)

Engineered for exceptional turf health, Turf Blue with HGT is the first bluegrass to completely eliminate Summer Patch. Turf Blue with HGT Thrives in heat and has unrivaled traffic tolerance. Exceptional Spring green up along with increased billbug and white grub tolerance make it the absolute best Kentucky Bluegrass available. Also available blended with RTF Fescue!


RTF (Rhizomatous Tall Fescue)

RTF is a patented unique dwarf type tall fescue that produces a high amount of rhizomes – horizontal rooting structures that help turf repair itself and fill in bare or thinning spots. This can be immensely helpful in athletic field applications. RTF produces a thick, lush, soft-to-touch turf that makes an excellent playing surface. Beware the imitators – there’s only one RTF!


RPR (Regenerating Perennial Ryegrass)

The toughest, most traffic tolerant perennial ryegrass available, RPR stands up to heavy traffic while keeping its good looks – a creeping variety, RPR is more resilient, more weather tolerant and outperforms traditional perennial ryegrass in every category. RPR has a dark green color and is ideal for sports fields. RPR has been used on many professional sports venues with great success.



SOS stands for Super Overseeding and lives up to its name! SOS is a unique transition class ryegrass with the low growth and excellent color attributes of perennial rye, but with annual growth habit developed specifically for our climate. SOS will provide quick germination and excellent color in the Fall, Winter and Spring but give way and let the underlying Bermuda thrive without competition once the temperature reaches 90 degrees.

Fertility and Pesticide Products

Advanced Turf Solutions has everything you need to maintain a strong, healthy turf throughout the playing season – providing a safe and durable playing surface that athletes will appreciate. Advanced Turf Solutions trained agronomists and athletic field specialists can help you put together a complete field-care program, incorporating all aspects of maintenance into an easy to understand schedule.

Bioflora 8-3-6 Organic Crumbles

Develop a healthy soil and provide the turf with steady, consistent slow-release nutrition with Bioflora Organic Crumbles. Possibly the best fertilizer on the planet, Bioflora Crumbles is 100% organic and loaded with primary, secondary, micro and trace minerals. Available in 50 pound bags.


Healthy Grow 2-4-3 ACCM Organic

Derived from aerobically composted chicken manure, Healthy Grow 2-4-3 is a premium 100% organic fertilizer that is naturally high in calcium, an essential nutrient that promotes strong, healthy plants. Healthy Grow 2-4-3 is odorless and easy to spread. Available in 50 pound bags

Traditional Synthetic Fertilizers and Combination Products

Advanced Turf Solutions carries a full line of traditional synthetic fertilizers along with herbicide / insecticide combination products. Below are just a few of the analyses we stock:

Fertilizer Only

  • 16-28-12 Starter
  • 20-0-10 Premium 
  • 22-0-4 Economy
  • 30-0-4 Winterizer
  • 33-0-0 Warm-Season Special

Fertilizer + Crabgrass Control

  • 5-5-20 w/ Prodiamine
  • 14-0-4 w/ Prodiamine
  • 13-0-4 w/ Dimension

Fertilizer + Weed Control

  • 16-0-8 w/ Escalade

Fertilizer + Insecticide

  • 0-0-7 w/ Mallet
  • 21-0-4 w/ Mallet

Topdressing Sand & Divot Mix

 USGA 90-10 Greens Sand w/ Dakota Peat

Advanced Turf Solutions USGA 90-10 Greens Sand w/ Dakota Peat

For additional nutrient and water-holding capacity, we blend our quality USGA specification sand with 10% Dakota Peat.

  • Improves soil structure
  • Helps buffer pH
  • Improves nutrient holding capacity in sand media
  • Improves nutrient uptake by plants
  • Improves water-holding capacity
  • Improves plant stress recovery
  • Improves overall growth and health of plants
Advanced Turf Solutions USGA Specified Topdressing Sand

Advanced Turf Solutions USGA Specified Topdressing Sand

You spoke, we listened! The number one complaint we hear from golf course superintendents regarding topdressing sand is CONSISTENCY.

  • Guaranteed to meet 100% of USGA specifications for greens topdressing sand
  • Quality & Consistency assured: our sand is tested via ISTRC (A USGA accredited laboratory) every 3 months to ensure you are getting exactly what you are ordering
  • Available throughout Missouri & Illinois

Green Divot Mix / Topdressing Material

Our premium Advanced Turf Solutions Divot Mix contains our 90-10 blend of USGA Sand & Dakota Peat, pre-tumbled with green colorant – saving you time, hassle and labor dollars of doing it yourself! Available in convenient 1-ton super sack.

  • Perfect for use on golf course tees and fairways
  • Excellent tool for use on athletic fields, as a seed starting aide
  • Peat component holds moisture for rapid seed germination

Turf Marking Paint

From bulk 5 gallon field marking paint in 88-30 or 66-30 to aerosol field marking paint, Advanced Turf Solutions has you covered! Quality product from Missouri Turf Paint provides bright, bold lines.

Custom Netting & Padding

Call your Advanced Turf Solutions today for all your custom netting and padding needs. From backstops to bullpens and pitching cages we can customize nets to your exact size and strength needs. Additionally we offer custom padding with or without your school or organization logos. Call today for more information.
net 1 batting cage padclose backstop2
Custom Backstop Netting Custom Batting Cage Nets Quality construction backstop padding Fully Customizable With Your Logos
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